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Diversity in the developer community

Monday 03 September 2018

Developers are a great resource whose endless creativity can be leveraged into the most successful product growth. But in order for creativity and innovation to truly flourish, diversity within the broader developer community is crucial.

According to research by McKinsey, businesses with a healthy balance of men and women are 15% more likely to outperform their competitors, while those with employees from a good mix of ethnic backgrounds are 35% more likely. These statistics highlight just how beneficial diversity can be to organisations.

Without diversity, creative, innovative thinking can become one dimensional whilst collaboration can stagnate. By making space for diverse voices and experiences it can drive developers to share a broader range of ideas and perspectives.

Businesses that evolve a developer community to include people with different perspectives and experiences, enhance the ability to better understand the needs of current and potential customers. Having different perspectives leads to better problem-solving. Better problem-solving leads to better products and efficient product development, which ultimately leads to higher revenues and profits, and better retention.

In order for the UK to maintain its place as a digital leader, businesses need to work with the government and other local authorities to ensure initiatives are in place to encourage diversity amongst the technology industry as a whole, and this includes the developer community.

Recently, the UK government announced a £1 million Digital Skills Innovation Fund and an additional £400,000 will help older and disabled people get life-changing digital skills. This is a great example of steps being put into place to ensure diversity. The funding will be used to help women, disabled people, and people from minority backgrounds or those living in lower socioeconomic areas to succeed in digital roles such as developers, data analysts, programmers, cyber security specialists, and marketeers.

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