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Futureproofing Against Threats to your Cyber Security

Thursday 13 September 2018

Cyber security, on both the personal and business level, is featured in the media on practically a daily basis. This paranoia stems from the rise of ransomware and the high-profile attacks on global giants like British Airways, which saw hundreds of thousands of users’ personal data compromised.

Recent reports show that Chinese telecommunications vendor Huawei Technologies, has had a rough year, facing a number of security breaches and that its software will be unsupported and will not receive security updates and patches past 2020 unless the company upgrades their system.

Now the Huawei security concerns should become a thing of the past as the vendor is fighting back, doubling down with a new approach to demonstrating its security credentials. Proving even the leaders in technology can become complacent and leave themselves open to attacks. It also highlights that there is still time to defend against potential threats.

The same will be true of all businesses, but there are a number of ways you can ensure your data stays protected. And since the recent introduction of GDPR, it is critical for all businesses to be aware of them.

Despite the new GDPR regulations, it’s safe to say that data hackers aren’t planning to play by the new rules. It is therefore essential to keep your business up-to-date with the latest developments and ensure the right measures put in place for data protection in order to combat threats - new and old. The evolutions in cyber threats are alarmingly rapid, but there are no excuses for falling behind and failing to protect yourselves.

As frightening as all this sounds, there is one tangible benefit to the current cyber security landscape – budget. Now that business leaders are aware of the cost of a data breach, your department is likely to receive extra funding to fight the threats. Knowing how to invest the new budget will be the difference between the security of your business and a catastrophic data breach.

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