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How flexible should a managed print service be?

Tuesday 25 September 2018

Managed Print Services (MPS) are often agreed as 3-5 year contracts. In this time, it’s possible for your business to change in terms of size, objectives, location, number of offices, culture and a number of other ways.

With changes to the business always on the cards, choosing an MPS provider can be difficult without some room for flexibility.

In many ways, you need to choose a provider who can work with you tomorrow, not just today. That isn’t to say that you need to invest in a service that doesn’t fit what you need right now, but instead, invest in a service that can scale with you.

Xenith Digital Transformation

Innovate, adapt, evolve

In situations where the service you’re looking for is more bespoke, asking about the scale of provision can be a great way to find out if the service is flexible enough to fit what your organisation needs.

Find out if a provider offers room to innovate, adapt and evolve as the business changes or grows. Don’t get stuck with a service that only suits your organisation as it is right now/on day 1 of the contract if there is likely to be change ahead.

Further to this, ensure you choose a provider who can not only adapt, but one that takes on the responsibility of modifying your service provision in line with the changing requirements of your business - regardless of contract periods.

Consider all of the possible scenarios: if the company doubles overnight, what needs to change in terms of print and how can the supplier deal with the increased demand? What’s the extra cost to the business if things change?

Digital transformation and digital alternatives

Moving from paper to digital processes is a big business decision - it’s not necessarily decided by print, but it’s certainly influenced by print and it might just be the Managed Print Services provider that takes on the role of helping the company with digital transformation.

This is where an element of flexibility is crucial. If 2 years in to a 5 year contract, the business decides to push hard on digital alternatives, does your current contract allow for this sort of change and can it help you move the process forward?

It’s strange to think that something as traditional as print is now crossing into digital but that’s where we are, MPS will often have an element of Managed Document Services and this is a serious change that might affect your MPS contract in the near future.

When considering the scope for an MPS contract, here are some of the questions you could ask to gauge whether a provider can be flexible with the service:

  • How will you keep abreast of our changing requirements?
  • Describe the process of managing changes relating to the service, including how changes are logged, include adding, removing and moving devices.
  • How will you modify the solution/service to meet changing requirements?
  • How will you deal with an increase or decrease in staff numbers and ensure an optimised employee to printer ratio in every scenario?

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