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Skills every DevOps engineer needs

Tuesday 25 September 2018

DevOps is all about delivering features and capability to the organisation more efficiently by eliminating segregated development and operations. But with demand for DevOps engineers on a seemingly never ending upwards trajectory what separates a good DevOps engineer from the subpar? We’ve compiled a list of some keys qualities every DevOps engineer should have.   

1.         Soft skills
Often the skills which bring the most value to DevOps are soft skills, such as people management, good communication, and collaboration. These are critical for DevOps engineers, collaboration in particular, is central to the DevOps process because it brings together development and operations teams.

2.         Security
Security needs to be at the forefront of technology development in every business. It’s critical that engineers in DevOps have a good understanding of designing insecurity and writing/testing secure code so that security can be built into products and services from the very beginning and not treated as a very expensive afterthought on discovering a vulnerability.

3.         Fluency in web languages
Writing good code is the bread and butter of a DevOps engineer, so it goes without saying that understanding more than one language is an asset for any DevOps professional. Fluency in system design  is also a great asset, and as technology evolves keeping up to date on languages and infrastructure can really benefit a good DevOps team.

4.         Customer first mind-set
The end customer is the most important person for DevOps, whether that’s the businesses customer or an internal customer. Teams need to continually be thinking about how each incremental change and development they make is going to deliver value for that customer and the business.

5.         Mechanical sympathy
Developing the best possible product isn’t going to happen without a good understanding of where that product will live and how it will be delivered to customers. A DevOps engineer without mechanical sympathy may as well be working with their hands tied behind their back, as without this knowledge they will be unable to deliver applications across the best platforms.

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