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Techniques from Behaviour Science to encourage sustainable behaviour

Thursday 30 August 2018

Join me to investigate the difference between the way humans and machines make decisions. We will discuss the different limitations that humans encounter when making decisions, and why purely logical decisions, made by AI’s may not be accepted by humans.

As homo-sapiens, we have millions of years of evolution to both help and hinder our decision-making process. For instance, we don’t need to decide how to behave if we see a large mad elephant running towards us, we just react. These built in heuristics, are not the same as rational decision making. Homo-sapiens may prefer a decision that an AI says is not rational. AI might do a good job of behaving like “homo-economocus” (a fictional human who always makes the best economic decision), but that is not necessary the kind of decision that homo-sapiens are most comfortable with. In this session we can give guidance on how to design AI decisions to train and deviate from a purely rational decision to potential decision that humans might prefer.

To illustrate where a human might not be comfortable with a purely logical decision. We fear loss more than we enjoy gains. The research dynamic duo of Kahneman and Tversky demonstrated 40+ years ago that we fear losses almost twice as much as we enjoy gains.

Human decision making is fraught with over-fitting. Think about superstition, if you have a lucky pair of socks, you wear those socks on important days, or when your sports team is playing an important game, <guilty>.

Join me to explore how Behavioural Economics is being used to encourage sustainable behaviour. I will explain a major theory of decision making and help you understand:

  • How humans make decisions
  • Decision fatigue / Decision Blind-spots
  • How to apply Behavioural Economics to decision making
  • How messaging can impact decision making

Yolanda Berry, Principal Consultant at UK Behavioural Economics will be speaking at IP EXPO Europe on the Thursday 4th October at the AI & Analytics theatre. To register please visit https://www.ipexpoeurope.com/

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