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When AI Meets Security

Tuesday 26 September 2017


What role will artificial intelligence play in cyber security in the future? Will it be used to beat the hackers and consign them to the dustbin of history? Will cyberattacks therefore become a thing of the past, or will hackers harness the power of AI to launch even more sophisticated attacks?

The trend of cyberattacks and cyber criminals now have a plethora of targets to launch attacks on businesses and individuals. The increasing use and connectivity of the cloud, the internet of things and smartphones means there is a multitude of access points and connected devices that hackers can target.

With AI becoming commonplace, what future threats are there to our security? AI controlled smart malware is a serious danger. Imagine a scenario where adaptive learning enhances the effectiveness and scope of cyberattacks to cause more damage on an organisation. By intelligently targeting the weakest link in a system, hackers using AI could maximise the damage of each attack.

The damage could be devastating.

But AI can also be used by cybersecurity experts to beef up security. A human-AI collaboration could harness predictive analytics to usher in a new era of threat detection to make systems far safer than before. So we could see a safer scenario than the one that we are currently experiencing.

So it could go one of two ways. One scenario sees AI harnessed by cybersecurity experts to make organisations and systems safer. Or the other sees AI used in an autonomous, adaptive learning fashion to launch a new wave of ever more devastating cyberattacks.

Perhaps we are at a crossroads in the cybersecurity fight. Will the scales tip in one direction? The key is for businesses and cybersecurity experts to invest heavily in AI based security systems now. As ever, it is all about keeping one step ahead of the criminals.

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