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Panel Debates


The IP EXPO Europe series of panel debates gives exclusive access to see the world's leading tech platforms 'clash' as world class experts discuss where the leading companies are taking technology in the next few years. Our panel debate series consists of....


The IP EXPO Bytesize panels are designed to give attendees an executive overview of the latest trends in IT. Four panellists, each a leading expert in their respective field, will each share a bite sized overview of a given topic during one education packed session. The sessions are designed to be interactive so attendees plus our social followers will have the opportunity to ask their questions to the panel in an extended Q&A.

Bytesize cutting edge technology

•             How does Serverless Computing Work?

•             How is Machine Learning being used today and why is it so important?

•             What is Edge Computing and how is it going to change your infrastructure?

•             Is Blockchain right for the enterprise?


Bytesize how to

  • How do I attract and retain talent?
  • How do I embrace Open Source?
  • Blockchain – where do I start (do I start?)
  • Encryption, how, when, why.

No longer purely in the realms of science fiction the use of AI has exploded in the past few years, already being used to improve healthcare, enable self-driving cars, and stop security breaches. Undoubtedly the hottest topic in IT right now, AI is redefining how we live, interact and do business – it is set to have a profound impact on our everyday lives.

Most companies already use AI to some degree, for example it is now commonplace as part of a spam filter. However it is accepted wisdom that in the future AI will become a core part of every company’s technology strategy. Learn what is already possible with AI directly from the companies using or developing this technology and discover what will be possible in the near future.


  • Who should be responsible for AI in your organisation? Should there be executive oversight?
  • What are the typical barriers to adopting AI?
  • How do AI projects work – should you have a ‘lab’?
  • What’s the difference between the stories about AI you read in the press and the way AI works in reality?
  • What, if anything, is the impact of GDPR on your AI/analytics strategy?