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Here is a list of all confirmed Seminars for 2018.

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3rd October
4th October 
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Juniper Networks 1
  • Thu 4th Oct 13:40 - 14:10
  • Secure SDN for Enterprises Margarida Correia  |   Juniper Networks  |   Cloud Architecture

    Cloud Architecture Theatre

    Thu 4th Oct 13:40 to 14:10

    Secure SDN for Enterprises

    Many Enterprises IT departments want to deploy Hybrid-cloud and Multi-cloud environments to become more agile and achieve increasingly demanding business outcomes.
    By distributing workloads across public and private/on-prem clouds and extending network connectivity to existent Data Centers, companies can benefit from the best features of cloud as well as coping with existent vast amount of applications on legacy Data Centers.
    However, a key problem in this type of new ecosystem is complying with required network security policies. In this presentation, we show how enterprises network security requirements can be addressed in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. We also consider deployment strategies for SDN security in brownfield scenarios.


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    Margarida Correia Margarida Correia View Profile