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Here is a list of all confirmed Seminars for 2018.

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3rd October
4th October 
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Cradlepoint 1
  • Wed 3rd Oct 13:00 - 13:30
  • The Intersection of LTE & SD-WAN; LTE’s Role as a Primary WAN Link Donna Johnson  |   Cradlepoint   |   Intelligent Networks

    Intelligent Networks Theatre

    Wed 3rd Oct 13:00 to 13:30

    The Intersection of LTE & SD-WAN; LTE’s Role as a Primary WAN Link

    Software-Defined WANs are no longer just for large buildings with loads of traffic headed to the data centre. The expansion of enterprise-grade LTE networks, the upcoming availability of Gigabit LTE, and some carriers' support for unmetered data plans are making wireless viable as a primary WAN link and ideal for accessing Internet and SaaS content directly from the branch. Also, the flexibility provided by wireless is critical for today's enterprises that are pushing the boundaries of the branch out of the bricks and mortar locations to bring products and services directly to the customers they service. 

    In this session, Cradlepoint’s VP of Product and Solution Marketing, Donna Johnson, will explore how the combination of wireless connectivity and SD-WAN is ideal for bringing reliability and security to today's increasingly mobile workforce and ever-expanding network’s edge — and for providing connectivity to applications and data in the Cloud.


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