An online mini summit, powered by DTX+UCX, exploring how important culture is to achieving a successful digital transformation. 

Successful (digital transformation) DX is not just about technology. Enterprises need to think about how to go beyond the C-suite, down to the workers who will be incorporating new technology and processes into their daily tasks – and think about the impact digital transformation will have on workers at every level. 

Join us on 9th September 2020 for a day of online discussions and seminars around this vital topic, join the Digital Culture Mini-Summit to learn how to power-up the culture of your business. Click the buttons below to find out what you can expect.

The Speakers

Digital Optimisation

Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation plans at breakneck speed but this pace of change is unsustainable. It's important to re-group and understand how to best optimise and navigate current efforts to ensure lasting results. This day will look into how you can assess the tools and processes now necessary for your distributed workforce, utilise your tech stack in the smartest way and innovate in an unsteady state.

Digital Collaboration

Collaboration is the backbone to transformation. Without a co-ordinated and cohesive effort towards change, failure becomes far more likely. This day looks at how the pandemic has provided an opportunity to connect with both employees and customers in novel and authentic ways. We also look at how connection and frictionless collaboration has become essential to user adoption and heightened productivity and creativity while remote.

The Agenda